Lorie Alvarado

Hi there
I’m Lorie Alvarado from sunny California!

So glad you’re here…welcome!

It is my wish to help Baby Boomers, specifically solo female travelers, travel the world via budget-friendly tips, travel hacks, side gigs, inspirations and stories.

I’m delighted to share with you my experiences and insights in building a life of travel, exploring personal interests, and creating a balanced life-work lifestyle while at it. Whew, that’s a tall order but I’m excited to make it happen.

Come trek with me!

I’m a single Mom to a lovely daughter, and a Grandma this year 2023!

Life has a strange way of taking us along unplanned paths. I worked quite a few jobs in search of a stable career and, honestly, to earn a decent living. I was in R&D at a cosmetic laboratory back home, then a paralegal, floral designer, sales representative, and administrative assistant at different points in my life. I’m now back to being a F/T paralegal. One could call me a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none but hey, I just embraced life’s curve balls and learned a lot in the process.

I desire my life to somehow include my passions for travel writing and floral design, among others. I always had a penchant for writing as early as seven years old. That’s how I thought of starting a travel and lifestyle blog and to do travel writing… to merge these interests. 

I remember as a child, when friends and family asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. Remember that eternal question we had to respond to? Haha. Well, my dream to be a writer sort of faded away but it has made a comeback now.

I’ve done some traveling in the distant past and the latest has been to Southern Italy last year. I really enjoy those enriching and exhilarating experiences. I need to create new ones! My challenges though from going again are mainly time and money, with an emphasis on money. Hah! Thank goodness the world opened up again (after the pandemic).

I am determined though to explore genuine opportunities out there that will help me travel again. Allow me to share with you those “adventures” as I go along. So, here is to simply living a better life that everyone deserves. 

Here’s to enjoying our treks, near and far, far and wide. Cheers!