I think that every woman should travel solo at least once in her lifetime. Keep safety utmost in mind though.

Imagine!… the freedom and flexibility to go whenever, wherever and however way you want during the entire trip. Oh joy! There is no blaming another, or your companion blaming you for botched plans. You can charge those mistakes to experience.  The downsides include safety concerns, feelings of wanting to share those experiences with a loved one and that unfair “single supplement” fee (additional fee for solo travelers). Come to think of it, that single supplement fee is not that bad. 

I recall a Greek Islands trip where I had the hotel accommodations all to myself. I retired whenever I wanted and didn’t have to wake up an hour earlier just for the bathroom use and so forth. Hey wait, this is turning into an upside here, LOL.

Yes to Travel Insurance. I used to frown upon using Travel Insurance when traveling to foreign shores due to, obviously, additional costs. I thought what could possibly happen if I took all the precautions?

I recently changed my view on this. I think that Travel Insurance certainly provides me the peace of mind that I can get a refund in case I need to cancel the trip for whatever reason. It also allows me to access medical attention and medications if necessary…especially now that I am getting older.

Do check your current health insurance coverages abroad before departure. Travel Insurance can certainly supplement what could be missing from your health plans. For these two reasons alone, I deem Travel Insurance to be well worth the price.


Being human, it is normal to feel waves of loneliness while traveling solo. Expect that, move on and enjoy the rest of your trip.

1. Meet other people. Strike up conversations with fellow travelers or the locals at cafés, at a queue to the ice-cream parlor, at the loo, even. Strike everywhere, don’t be shy. ☕️

2. Join a day group tour. Research ahead or ask the staff at your lodgings or the locals, who are the best sources for recommendations. Look for free, walking tours around, as well. 🚶‍♀️

3. Treat yourself to a good meal. Eat chocolates! These always work for me, LOL. 🍫

4. Get enough sleep or downtime. Intersperse your frantic outings with rest-ups. 😴

5. Plan and fill your itinerary in advance with places to visit. There will be little or no time for mushiness. 😆

6. Take photos and videos till kingdom come. I assure you that you’ll zonk out by nightfall. 📸

7. Take along your favorite book, movies or shows, music or podcasts. 📕

8. Commune with nature. You’ll soon realize that we are just specks in the grand scheme. 🌸 🌳 ⛰️

9. Get physical and/or spiritual. Use the gym, pool, walk, jog, anything to get your endorphins up. Sing or dance even! Yoga counts, too. 🏊🏼‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️

10. Take something familiar from home. Your call. Contact loved ones but this could backfire. Your call. 📱

11. Splurge occasionally on a souvenir, a dress, you get the drift. 👗

12. Bask in alone time. Here’s your chance to breathe, regroup. 😇

13. Take a local class on mozzarella-making, pottery, glass-blowing, etc. 👩‍🍳

14. Go to restaurants with common tables. Google your destination or again, ask the locals. 🍽️

15. Check out nightlife activities. 💃🏻🕺 The key here is to be sociable but also, use your judgment, safety-wise. Caution: Do not post on social media during trips. Do so upon your return home. Duh! 😉💕 Happy treks, y’all! 🏃🏽‍♀️

So, go ahead and travel solo. Do check out my travel tips in a separate blog. 

Bon voyage!

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