No-flour pancakes? Ingenious! I saw this recipe at FaceBook and decided to try it. I’ve been hooked since. I’m not a banana person so this helps put nutritious bananas in my diet and also minimizes my sugar intake (I’m pre-diabetic, yikes).  

I like putting my own spin to things. I’m quite creative in the kitchen – learned how to substitute ingredients when unavailable. 


1 ripe banana 

1 unbeaten egg 

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp cinnamon (skip if allergic)

1/2 packet oats (any type)


Small cut fruits and/or nuts (optional)

Syrup (optional)

Yield: 2-3 medium pancakes, depending on banana size (1 person).


1) Mash banana in a bowl.

2) Add unbeaten egg and mix well. Best ratio of bananas to eggs is 1:1.

3) Add cinnamon (optional) and vanilla.

4) Add oats. Mix well.

5) Add only a few small cut fruits or nuts (optional) as these will weigh down the batter.

6) Heat a sliver of butter (or Pam spray) on skillet.

7) Spoon banana batter into pan and spread evenly.

I use a medium or slightly lower heat setting. Remember that this banana batter is unlike flour. It will cook slower so try not to make a big or thick pancake for easy flipping later.

8) When pancake’s bottom is firm enough (or bubbles appear), carefully flip over with spatula and fork to yield an unbroken piece.

No syrup for me. The banana is sweet enough. Enjoy the natural sweetness plus the heavenly aroma in your kitchen!

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